2 thoughts on “Ganesha!!

  1. Monotheists boast that their view of one God is correct (and quarrel bitterly among themselves as to how that God should be addressed or approached.) They hold sacred the mantra
    “There is ONLY ONE God”.

    Hindus just don’t like the word “ONE” and would like to strike it out. So they simply say
    “There is ONLY God!”

    When there is only God, who is there to quarrel with who?

    Om! Peace! Peace! Peace!


    • Nice thoughts, Dr. Chidambaram. However, one has to find a way to reconcile these very subtle thoughts for the benefit of uninitiated in these arguments. God is just a concept that needs to be understood by familiarizing oneself with the attributes. One God somewhere is out of reach but God only everywhere brings it directly to oneself. Deities defined as idols, and in many cases practiced by ignorant as such, creates binary of one vs. the other, and leads to problem of inappropriate views.


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