Environmental Sustainability & Cow-Protection in Vedas

-Mr. Subodh Kumar, Director, Maharshi Dayanand Gosamwardhan Kendra, Delhi.


Mr. Subodh Kumar started his career with Engineering, worked with industries for over 45 years. For the last more than 15 years he is devoting full time to issues relating to Indian Cows-Nutrition-Organic-Agriculture and study of Vedas. Maharshi Dayanand Gosamwardhan Kendra, Delhi is non-profit organization where Mr. Kumar giving voluntary free service & dedicating in developing and maintaining Indian breeds of cows.

Cow has been held in great esteem as sacred not be killed by Hindus following Vedic tradition. The belief that cow is a sacred animal is not a mere religious belief but it is supported by modern science on environmental sustainability and food security for survival of humans on this Earth. It is very significant to know that cow-protection is important for scientific sustainable environment considerations, prevention of global warming and climate change, and also for food security of human life on this planet. To portray cow protection with religion is a totally misplaced view in modern world. 

There is a misconception among the western educated dairy scholars in India that cows are important for the milk they produce. Far from it, according to Rigveda (6.48.13) cows enable entire agriculture to feed the world while milk happens to be of minor significance. In USA according to researches of Prof. William Albrecht of Missouri University, in 1920s, ‘Only healthy soil produces healthy food that is good for health’. According to Prof. Albrecht for soil remediation through restoring its micro-components, all cattle and human waste have to be recycled. One could readily consult the book entitled Soil Fertility and Animal Health by William A. Albrecht for further verification.

Dr. Albert Howard, a British scientist, was posted to India in 1905 to ‘teach’ Indians the ‘Modern Agriculture’. After spending more than 30 years in India, he came to the conclusion that cow based agriculture being practiced in India is the healthiest form of Agriculture. He called it ‘Organic Agriculture’. On return to UK he started ‘Soil Association’ in UK, the first Organic certification agency in the world, and was subsequently joined by Rodale to promote it in the USA {https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Regenerative_agriculture}. To this important agriculture information, the latest researches of Allan Savory in last 50 years have added a new dimension. According to Allan Savory intensive cow grazing mimics the ancient climate sustainability to sequester carbon dioxide in the soil to reduce green house gases and prevent climate change and global warming {https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allan_Savory}. As a matter of interest Rigveda (6.47.20) specifically mentions importance of cows for reclaiming wastelands and maintaining green cover. It also confirms that cows should have free access to forests for grazing and maintaining soil fertility.images

Indian climate is unique in the world because it enables agriculture throughout the year.  Agriculture soil in India thus needs a constant supply of cowdung to keep it fertile and healthy. That made cow sacred for Indians in the first place. From prehistoric times nobody in India could even dream of cow slaughter.

8 thoughts on “Environmental Sustainability & Cow-Protection in Vedas

  1. आपने सही कहा , और भी जहां गौमाता निवास करती है वहां का वास्तु दोष भी अपने अंदर समा लेती है । गौमाता पर आपके विचार बहुत ही सुन्दर तथा गौमाता पर किया गया शोधकार्य उत्तम श्रेणी का है। सामान्य जन व शोधछात्रो को आपके विचारों से बहुत सहायता मिलेगी ।


  2. There is lot of matter on cow in Atharvaveda. But how to connect that knowledge scientifically with current problems of environment and agriculture is discussed in this article.


  3. श्री विकास! गौमाता के प्रभाव से वास्तु-दोष-निवारण के विषय में किये गए आपके कथन की पुष्टि के लिए क्या आप कोई शास्त्रीय सन्दर्भ प्रस्तुत कर सकते हैं?


    • महाभारत के अनुशासन पर्व में कहा गया है कि गाय जहां बैठ कर निर्भयतापूर्वक सांस लेती है, उस स्थान के सारे पापों को खींच लेती है।निविष्टं गोकुलं यत्र श्वासं मुञ्चति निर्भयम् |विराजयति तं देशं पापं चास्यपकर्षति ||


  4. वास्तु ग्रन्थ ‘मयतम् ‘ में कहा गया है की जिस प्लाट पर भवन, घर का निर्माण करना हो, वहां पर बछड़े वाली गाय बांधनेसे वास्तु दोषों का स्वतः निवारण हो जाता है। नवजात बछड़े को जब गाय दुलार कर चाटती है तो उसका फेन भूमि पर गिर कर उसे पवित्र बनता है और वहां होने वाले समस्त दोषों का निवारण हो जाता है ।


  5. उत्तम लेख श्रीमन्।
    भगवान् श्रीकृष्ण स्वयं कहते हैं “गवां मध्ये वसाम्यहम्”।गोमय में साक्षात् लक्ष्मी का निवास होता है एवं जिसका मल-मूत्र अमृत तुल्य हो,वह सामान्य प्राणी कदापि नहीं हो सकता।



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